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  • Melissa Milton (Tuesday, December 24 19 08:08 am GMT)

    Nice gallery! You are both very talented. I particularly admired Ann’s encaustic artwork.

  • Alina (Monday, October 01 18 09:52 pm BST)

    Dear Barry and Anne, thank you very much for the exhibition in the Frost. I really was enjoying with your all paintings and advices you have given to me.

  • JJ (Tuesday, January 10 17 01:48 pm GMT)

    incredible Paintings Barry!
    I keep looking at the website for the updates and more and more impressed!

  • Graham Goulding (Tuesday, September 11 12 09:07 pm BST)

    Great site, some really striking images and paintings, where are you exhibiting next?

  • Stephen George (Tuesday, September 11 12 09:17 am BST)

    Congratulations Barry and Anne, nice work!
    I am very jealous of you jumping off the corporate treadmill and doing something youlove,....good luck and best wishes to you both! S.

  • Mandy Allen (Monday, September 10 12 11:44 pm BST)

    Love the dressage horse Barry

  • Mandy Allen (Monday, September 10 12 11:42 pm BST)

    Fantastic work from both of you! Hope you get lots of visitors to the site. Mandy Allen xxx