About Barrington Loines

Artists Profile:

Barrington Loines (Barry)

I was born in Liverpool in 1960 and seemed to spend most of my childhood, with the rest of my friends, dreaming of escaping somewhere exotic on one of the many ships that used to be along the dockside, and I suppose day dreaming is what lead me into wanting to continuously paint and draw.

I studied furniture design at Loughborough and left with a degree in 3 dimensional design and, armed with that piece of paper, started work as a furniture designer in Tring Hertfordshire. I then moved on to becoming an interior designer before starting my own company designing and making all types of office furniture. I was lucky enough to acquire a patent on one of these designs, which then lead me in lots of directions visiting many countries around the world.

However, as exciting as all this was, it was my painting that always brought me back down to earth and, whenever I could, I would steal a few moments away to keep the passion going.

I mainly paint in oils and although I like to paint all sorts of subjects from landscapes to African wildlife it is mainly horses that capture my attention with their grace, power, speed, gentleness and more besides.

Although I have sold many of my paintings since my early teens, my art work was always second to the need to work for a living……but now I have taken the decision to push it to the front and see where this ship takes me.